A Sneak Peak: Cosplay Photo Academy Logo

May 9, 2015 | by Mineh Ishida

I’m working on a new project right now with my good friend Michael Rose.  We’ve decided to found an online school to help cosplay photographers refine their craft.  We’re still working on building out the content of the site, but we did name it, and I made the logo today.

8-bit Awesome

We wanted the logo to appeal to our audience.  Our members will be video game playing, comic book craving teens and young adults who are amateur photographers learning the art and craft of photography, particularly focused on cosplay photography.  It’s an exciting genre of photography filled with super heroes, villains, anime characters, video game characters and more.  I can’t think of a genre of photography that would be more fun to shoot than this one.  It’s a style where imagination is king, and fans are passionate about crafting high quality costumes… essentially, a photographer’s playground.

To that end, I wanted a logo that spoke to this group.  I wanted them to immediately understand that it was a photography related brand, but also that we were connected to the people who makeup this group.  What better way than to evoke the time honored tradition of 8-bit video game graphics!

About the Cosplay Photo Academy Logo

To create the logo, I first created a grid of pixels in Illustrator, each 1 pt wide and separated by a 0.1 pt gap.  I then removed pixels and colored them in to create the camera.  We decided to keep the typography very simple, as we didn’t want the messaging to get lost in a complex logo.

I’m very excited about this new enterprise, and look forward to building out our content to help people learn more about cosplay photography.  I’ll keep posting updates here, and when our site is online, I look forward to sharing it with you!

Cosplay Photo Academy - Logo Design by Mineh Ishida

Cosplay Photo Academy – Logo Design by Mineh Ishida

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