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Do More of What Makes You Happy

July 2, 2015 | by Mineh Ishida
Do more of what makes you happy

So, I was with my good friend Lou grabbing a bite to eat at a local greek restaurant called Taziki’s.  Outside, someone had taken the time to write this message and plant it by the door.  It came at a particularly good time in my life, as I’m in a place where I could use some thoughtful advice like this.

As we walked up to the sign I said to myself “Mineh Ishida, you have got to pay attention to this… Someone planted this sign just for you!”

Often, I get caught up in the projects, the work, the business, the million errands to run, and forget that to be the best me I can be, I need to find a balance between work and life.

I’m going to structure some time in daily to do at least one thing that brings me joy.  I need to spend more time reading and exploring the natural areas of Florida.  I also need to travel more for pleasure rather than work or obligation. I want to spend time working on my photography and revamping my site at Mineh Ishida Photography, and change the focus of my photography to a more personal work, rather than commercial. I’d also like more time to write my thoughts in this blog. To do all of these things, I’m going to need to put forth a conscious effort to set aside that time and keep my commitment to find this balance.

A big thank you to the person who decided to share such inspiring words! Whether they were just for me or not, they’ve definitely made an impact.

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