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May 20, 2015 | by Mineh Ishida
Letter from Frameworks to Mineh Ishida

One of the reasons my business partner and I started Arcturus Creative is so that we could work with companies and organizations we really believe in.  We’re lucky that every day we get the opportunity to work with such incredible organizations.  Recently, we began working on a new website for Frameworks of Tampa Bay.  They really moved me with their mission to teach emotional intelligence to children.  Their work has touched many lives, both students as well as their families.

Last month, we attended a luncheon for the organization where we had the opportunity to hear the stories of some of these kids.  It was inspirational to say the least.  They had 2 kids give short speeches, and also had a photo gallery from their student photo competition. These students were so talented and well spoken.   The program obviously made an enormous positive impact in the lives of these children.

Since attending, I feel even more strongly that doing work that positively impacts the world around us is just good business.  There is no reason that we can’t choose to do business with organizations and customers worthy of our time and energy.  By choosing our clients carefully, we directly influence the growth and economy of the world around us.

I’m really excited to be working with Frameworks, and all of the awesome non-profits we are proud to call clients.


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