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July 24, 2015 | by Mineh Ishida
Siesta Key Beach by Mineh Ishida

Last weekend I went to Siesta Key to take some photos.  I wasn’t really too excited as it was a dreary day. The sky was grey and and the air was thick with humidity as only a Florida summer can provide. I figured I would at least scout the beaches for a location for a future shoot, so my friend Lou and I wandered around Siesta Key beach and Turtle Park. As the sun began to set, we decided to pack it up and head out for the night.  As I watched the sun dip in the horizon I had a thought.

“Mineh, how many times have you headed home early just to miss a gorgeous sunset?  Lets stick this one out and see…”

I chose a location, plopped down the tripod and sat back to watch nature’s light show. The sunset turned out to be a really nice one, so I snapped a few shots.

Sunset on Siesta Key Beach

Sunset on Siesta Key Beach – photo by Mineh Ishida


As the sun dipped out of sight, the crowd on the beach began to disperse. This was when I began to get excited.

It’s well known fact amongst photographers that the best time to watch sunset is in fact after the sun has already set. This is when all the beautiful colors light up the sky and you can get some really beautiful photos. Sitting on the beach enjoying the sound of the waves and the warm gulf breeze, I thought about how this is a great lesson for life.

Crescent Moon on Siesta Key Beach by Mineh Ishida

Crescent Moon on Siesta Key Beach by Mineh Ishida

Often I want to give up too early.  Right when I think things are finished, its time to give a final push.. to give it a little more effort.  Wait just a little bit longer. I guess I hope to learn from this that I should be patient.  Wait things out and see before I decide it’s time to give up. I think taking life a little more slowly, I’ll appreciate it a lot more.

Also, Lou and I found some sea urchins on the beach… how cool is that?


Sea Urchin on Siesta Key Beach by Mineh Ishida

Sea Urchin on Siesta Key Beach by Mineh Ishida

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