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Mineh Ishida – Logo Project v003

May 16, 2015 | by Mineh Ishida
Mineh Ishida Logo Project 003 - Featured

Mineh Ishida Logo Project:

This week I continue the Mineh Ishida Logo Project by exploring polygon logo styles.  For those of you unfamiliar with this project, I committed to creating a new logo every week.  The goal of this project is for me to expand my logo and branding styles and to improve in branding design.  First Mineh Ishida logo project post can be found here (v001). 

Project Considerations

  1. In Japanese, Mineh means summit or mountain peak.
  2. The brand should be for one of my specialties: Marketing, Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography, DJing, etc.
  3. Each logo I create must be in a new style.
  4. I will spend no more than 2 hours on each project.  The goal is not to create masterpieces, but to try new things.

Mineh Ishida: Logo v003

Last week I went with a minimalistic monochrome logo.  This week, I’m very excited because I’ve always wanted to try my hand at polygon logos. I don’t know if I stuck to the 2 hour limit for this one because I designed it on an airplane between Dallas and Cleveland. It didn’t take very long though, so I assume it was close to the two hour limit.

I created this weeks logo in illustrator using the pen tool. In order to simulate a 3d mountain using 2d polygons, I used color shading and amorphous polygons with no particular order.  I first outlined the mountain shape to create a solid polygon.  Then I created vertical jagged lines within the shape.  Off of those lines, I forked them towards the bottom.  When satisfied with the basic lines and shapes, I then connected them with line segments to create the final polygons. Once everything was done, I saved a copy of the completed outline, and then divided the main polygon using the extra lines. This method gave me the separated polygons I needed to fill with colors.

All of the colors came from the same shade of blue, but using different saturation and luminosity levels, I was able to create the colors I needed.  My goal was to simulate lighting coming from the right side of the logo, so I used lighter shades on that side.

I used “Museo Sans Rounded Thin” for the font because I wanted a clean modern font with approachability.


I really enjoyed this project.  The hardest part of doing it was getting the “divide” operation to work properly, and to select the color palette.  Once those things were figured out, the project went very smoothly. If I were to do this again, I would setup the color palette in advance rather than figuring it out on the fly.

Mineh Ishida Logo Project v003

Mineh Ishida Logo Project v003

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