I made a friend today… Meet my buddy, the Osprey. – Mineh Ishida

August 2, 2015 | by Mineh Ishida
Osprey Portrait - by Mineh Ishida

Today, I was driving around in Feather Sound when I saw this guy just hanging out.  It looked like a young osprey to my untrained eyes.  Noting the behavior was a little abnormal, I decided to stop the car and check to see if it was ok.  I couldn’t see any signs of injury, so I just stayed and watched for a while.

Osprey on the Side of the Road - Photograph by Mineh Ishida

Osprey on the Side of the Road – Photograph by Mineh Ishida

Over time, he grew accustomed to me, and his alarm changed to casual wariness.  I slowly began to approach him, being careful to watch for any signs of alarm.  Over the course of 30 minutes, I was able to get within a few feet.

It’s amazing when a wild animal decides to accept you.  Their behavior changes drastically, and you can feel the difference.  Maybe it’s just me anthropomorphizing, but it really is a magical experience to build a relationship with animals outside of confinement.

Getting Closer to the Osprey - Photo by Mineh Ishida

Over the course of 30 minutes I was able to get closer to the Osprey – Photo by Mineh Ishida


When we reached a reasonable  comfortable level with one another, I was literally 3 ft away from this beautiful bird.  His wariness gave way to curiosity and he posed beautifully for my camera. I stayed there for probably an hour just sitting next to this Osprey in the rain. I think I understand why ancient people worshiped nature.  It’s truly a spiritual experience.

Osprey Portrait - Photograph by Mineh Ishida

He posed quite nicely for the camera don’t you think? Photograph by Mineh Ishida

Curious Osprey - Photograph by Mineh Ishida

We sat there and stared at each other at a distance of 3ft. I was so amazed by his curiosity. Photograph by Mineh Ishida


I was really amused by this face… You can almost hear him saying “OMG Mineh… What is that thing? A Camera?  WHAAAAAATTTTT?”

Osprey says: OMG - Photograph by Mineh Ishida

Osprey says: “OMG Mineh… What is that thing? A Camera? WHAAAAAATTTTT?” Photograph by Mineh Ishida


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