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Mineh Ishida Logo Project – project v001

May 2, 2015 | by Mineh Ishida
Mineh Ishida Logo Project v001 - business card mockup

I’ve decided to start a project.  For the next year, I plan to design one logo a week.  I plan to spend no more than 2 hours for research, concept and design.  The goal of this project is much like a 365 photo project; I hope to expand my styles and capabilities as a brand designer.

Mineh Ishida: My Name & Brand

To start with, I figured I’d use my own name: Mineh Ishida and create a personal brand.  After all, if I can’t create a logo for myself, the person I know the most about, how can I expect to brand for other companies?

Project Considerations

  1. My name in Japanese means summit or mountain peak.
  2. The brand should be for one of my specialties: Marketing, Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography, DJing, etc.
  3. Each logo I create must be in a new style.
  4. I will spend no more than 2 hours on each project.  The goal is not to create masterpieces, but to try new things.

First Project: v001

Here is my first attempt at creating a logo for the Mineh Ishida brand.  I created it towards the creative marketing side, and decided to go with a modern vintage approach.  I chose subdued cool colors and simplistic graphics because I wanted people to feel the brand was relaxed and trustworthy.   I created two variations on the same mark so I could see how the two different typestyles contrasted.  I found myself liking the more ornate version more than the simpler font.


The 2 hour time limit proved to be more challenging than I thought.  I feel like the logos still need refinement and spacing fixes, but considering this is the first time I’ve done this project, I’m happy with the results.  If I had more time, I would clean up the mountain graphic, and refine the color palette further.

Mineh Ishida Logo Project v001

Mineh Ishida Logo Project v001



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